Texas born and bred, Bridget wanted to travel.  Her husband did not.  So, she earned a degree in mathematics at U of H and put it to work.  She taught middle school, high school and worked for gas and electricity traders... but it was when she landed the job in Revenue Management at Continental Airlines, with flight privileges, Bridget finally got for herself what no one else would get for her: world travel.

Here are some photos of some the places she's visited since then.

Bridget worked but always put the kids first. She taught them to read before first grade.  They competed in little league and she drove them all over Texas and beyond to swim meets.  All three graduated around their high school top 10% and went on to get scholarships and college degrees. 

Today they are productively employed, working at the jobs they majored in.  They call, they text, they come and visit a lot.  As a mom, you really can’t do much better than that.

To stay in shape, Bridget hikes a daily 10,000 steps, takes ballet five times a week and shops every day.