EJ had his own license and loved to fly.  He flew vicariously with Joe on the B-1s until he got the real deal and got into the cockpit at Dyess AFB.

Bridget’s folks are from South Louisiana and moved to Houston in the 1950’s. They now live in Austin. 

E.J. Laborde was a pipeline engineer.  This was a good profession for him because he was (and still is) a man of strong opinions about how exactly things should be done.  In the 60’s he worked for the Transwestern and Texas Eastern pipelines.  He must have done a good job there; sometimes at work I would run into folks who remembered him from those days, and always with a lot of respect. 

E.J.  eventually went into business for himself and did quite well.  Very well, in fact.  One year in the 80's he gave Christmas presents of $1,000 cash to each of his children. 

Lois Hebert grew up in Abbeyville, about as far deep Cajun as it gets.  Both she and E.J. speak fluent French.  Now, E.J. may have taken the girl out of the country, but Lois never forgot the memories of running across the levee in bare feet or how raise her own Okra and make gumbo.  She passed on some of that heritage to her girls; three of them wear boots and big buckles and raised horses on homesteads near Austin.  Bridget is more of a city girl.

Of all her sons-in-law, Lois liked city-slicker Tom the best.  Well, she liked him the longest, anyway.

E.J. and Lois Laborde