Joe and Nicole, his ex, have put plenty of effort into raising the kids.  Last year Tom and Bridget watched them for a week. Okay, here's how it goes down.  On school days, Elle wakes up Keira, they both brush their teeth, dress themselves, come down and make their own breakfast.  Then pick up their homework and their backpacks, say good-by and walk off to school. Most amazing thing I ever saw... this, from kids too young to know about Frito Pies.  Oops, sorry Nicole, not any more!!

Dad:  Hey, don't strain yourself…                   Joe:  Want it, work for it, get it.

Learned a few chords on a guitar.........               Self taught, can pick any song he wants.
On the golf course, broke 80 at age 55...             At college, Joe would ride with his clubs on

                                                                        the city bus to the course. He broke 80 at age 20.
Won a wedge in a golf tournament.........            Played E.A. golf one semester, winning $3,500.
Smoked too much to exercise...........                  Runs every day, ran the Boston Marathon in 2:57.
College gpa almost 3.0.............                          College gpa almost 4.0, might have gotten two Bs.
Born a Catholic.......................                           Took months of classes, still goes to mass.
Could not pass AF Navigator test.............            Air Force captain & weapons officer on B-1 bombers.
Gave most of the kid-raising to mom.......            Committed to be the most dedicated dad on the planet.                                                                  

Joe is focused.


Our first clue about this was early on, when he asked his pediatrician how he could stop sucking his thumb. The doc told him to go to sleep with a sock over his hand for ten days.  Joe stuck to the schedule and cured himself. 

When Joe decides to do something, he commits to it and (for good or ill) gives it his 100%.  A few comparisons will serve to illustrate:


​​​For the last year, Joe has been running trail.  These are 10 to 100 mile competitions held just about every weekend that are mostly runs up and down West Texas goat paths.  Recently he ran a 50 mile Texas pig-trail hill country mudder in 7:49, winning this fantastic trophy.