An expert in the utility business, Tom wants to improve the electric rate structure in Texas.  He writes to the PUC and in 2013 and 2017 to the Houston Chronicle.  Hopefully his effort will be as effective as his first big complaint about electric rates.  That time he was Santa Claus to the whole city of Houston - although almost no one has ever heard about it!

As a retiree, Tom has plenty of time to write editors and congressmen on issues that need addressing. In 2014 he made a speech to City Council as part of a successful campaign to save his beloved Gus Wortham Golf course.  Tom's retirement plan includes golf, looking up old friends, gardening, making beer, beef jerky, and customizing his 1965 Ford Galaxie.

Another big trip, like the three amazing weeks he spent in Turkey, might be in the cards, too.

Maybe he'll give off-grid homesteading a try.  Might be talking about it to Bridget real soon, yep, almost any day now...

Tom with a driver on Gus Wortham golf course

Tom was a Marine in Vietnam and fought in the battle of Dong Ha.  His only other real job was as an economist for Texas Eastern Transmission, a gas pipeline company, and its successor companies - Panhandle, Duke, Spectra (and now Enbridge).  He met a lot of great people there and made a lot of friends that he still keeps up with. On the job, Tom invented a way to measure project risk which he published for the world to use.


The hooch at Dong Ha on St. Patrick's Day, 1968

Everywhere, people were so great.  So many friends, such a good life..

Tom is an ancient history buff who, because he could not keep track of all the peoples and places, designed  Famous Civilizations, his own version of John Spark's Histomap.  Looking ahead - determined to keep history alive for as long as possible - in 1987 he challenged the government’s nuclear strategy in this newspaper articleFor his look at history before history, check out the Wikipedia page he authored entitled  Last Common Ancestor.

An Air Force brat, Tom grew up having to make all new friends every two years.  Battle Creek, Wiesbaden, Colorado Springs, Belleville, Ill...  At Illinois State, Tom learned how to play bridge, so  a few years back he wrote a  how to play bridge pamphlet for his college-bound kids.