Tommy  met Marcia at New Mexico Tech in 2000, and the Houstonian and the Hawaiian have been together ever since.  Marcia never wavered from her plan to research cancer, finally earning her PhD at UT Medical here in Houston.  That box checked, the two made it all legal.  

The kids live ten minutes away.  Tommy comes over for lunch sometimes and both of them come over on weekends to take Bridget to see a movie.
Tommy never wavered from his plan, either.  At a grade school summer computer camp, he decided programming was his forte.  Today he is a Senior Developer and Team Lead for Pros Revenue Management.  

He is focused, yes, but keeps it all in perspective.  One winter Tommy and I went to Sandia, to learn snowboarding and skiing.   At the noon lunch break we discussed the morning’s vicissitudes and agreed we were not snow sports people and ducked out of the rest of the pre-paid lessons.   Tommy and I think along the same lines in lots of ways!

    Three generations of Ogasawaras

Tommy and Marcia

Besides work, her nephew Hiro, and 200+ friends, Marcia is a voracious reader, into Muay Thai, comedy club, cooking and support for several worthy causes.

Walking home from an Astros game still holding hands after 15 years.

Marcia with Tommy, his $70 shirt and a real tie